Alucleaner 11
Alucleaner 12
Alucleaner 15
Alucleaner 16
Alucleaner 18

Neutral and alkaline degreasers with controlled foaming, borate and silicate free, both in liquid and powder form.



Alumat 22A
Alumat 23
Alumat 24

Alumat 24A
Alumat 25
Alumat 28
Alumat 28A

Alumat 29

Alumat 29A

Additives and complete products for alkaline and acid etching with high leveling power.



Aludeox 52
Aludeox 52A
Aludeox 52B

Aludeox 52C
Aludeox 55

Aludeox 55C

Aludeox 55H

Complete products and additives for desmutting after etching or brightening.



Alubrill 91
Alubrill 93
Alubrill 94

High density chemical and electrochemical chrome free brightening.



Aluox 57

High performing anodizing additives.



Alucolor 35
Alucolor 38
Alucolor 38A
Alucolor 41
Alucolor 42
Alucolor 43
Alucolor 54N
Alucolor Black
Alucolor Blue
Alucolor Red

Organic dyes, inorganic dyes and electrocolouring products based on tin, nickel, copper and selenium.



Aluseal 61
Aluseal 62
Aluseal 62C
Aluseal 63
Aluseal 64
Aluseal 65
Aluseal 66
Aluseal 67

Aluseal 69 MT


Pre-sealing, powder and liquid cold sealing, medium temperature and hot sealing additives.




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