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Aluservice, one of the few companies in the world specialised in producing chemicals for metal treatment was founded in 1983 from a group of people with a long experience in the field. As the name suggests, the central idea behind the company is to provide high-quality service to those working in metal treatment.

We have formulated all our products with the aim of guaranteeing the highest possible quality to satisfy the market's demands, with an eye to cost-effective solutions and easy maintenance. Assistance is provided by a network of internal technicians and of agents operating throughout the world. 

The experience of the Aluservice technicians is not limited to the application of the specific products we offer, but extends to all the production cycles of a surface treatment plant. The effectiveness of the chemical products used also depends on the quality of the plants in which they are used. Consequently Aluengineering was founded shortly after Aluservice, with the specific goal of providing the market with anodising plants, painting plants and water treatment plants which could answer the demand for quality, efficiency and easy operation.

  Aluservice S.r.l.

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