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Founded in 1983, Aluservice is one of the few worldwide companies specialized exclusively in the development and supply of chemicals for the surface treatment industry. As the name suggests, the mission that guides Aluservice is to be able to offer a qualified and timely service to those operating in the field of aluminium, zinc, steel and iron. Being part of the SurTec Group enables us to contribute to an even broader technology portfolio for the surface treatment industry.

For 40 years, Aluservice has been developing and supplying chemicals, processes and technologies for the surface treatment of aluminium, zinc, steel and iron. All products are based on our property formulations and are developed with the aim of ensuring the highest quality required by the market with an economical management of the solutions and a very simplified maintenance of the same. Customer service is guaranteed by our technical department and by the network of specialized agents operating especially abroad. 

The experience of each Aluservice technician is not limited to the specific knowledge of the applications of our products, but it also necessarily includes the knowledge of all the production cycles present in a surface treatment plant since the performance of a chemical product is strongly linked to the quality of the plants and the finishing cycle in which it is used.


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Nickel Fluoride and Stannous Sulphate

40 years of history


Aluservice is born from the idea of a team of people with many years of experience in the field of surface treatments.


Aluservice moves to Lainate, in the province of Milan.


The new corporate structure formed by Luigi Cadorna, Raffaele Cadorna, Claudio De Vecchi and Mario Raisi is established.


Aluservice celebrates the 40th anniversary since its founding and becomes part of the SurTec Group.

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