In this section you can find presentations of some specific products, which will allow you to have a complete overview of their characteristics, methods of use and advantages.

  • Name
  • Alubrill 94

    Alubrill 94 is a chromium-free product developed for the electrolytic brightening of aluminium and steel. Although it is environmentally-friendly (only normal air suction on the tank is needed), the brightness level is absolutely comparable to other products containing chromium.

  • Alumat 23

    Alumat 23 is a high-yielding, acid and fluoride-containing etching and deoxidation agent for aluminium and its alloys. The acid etching bath based on Alumat 23 eliminates all die lines and imperfections obliterated from commercially acceptable extrusions. The bath will produce consistent results with a wide range of aluminium alloys.

  • Cold sealing

    Cold sealing is a process that works by the attack of the fluorides on the oxidized surface that dissolves aluminium: the latter, bound to nickel salts, settles inside the pore by plugging it. A following hydration phase completes the process.

  • Aluseal ACT

    Aluseal ACT is an antibacterial nickel fluoride-based cold sealing product range. The range of Aluseal ACT sealants guarantee a bacterium static action on the treated aluminium surface: aluminium surfaces treated with ACT products will work as an inhibitor to the proliferation of germs and bacteria.

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